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How to Choose a Textbook Rental Company

Return Policy

One of the things you should consider when selecting a textbook rental company is the type of return policy the company has to offer. Ideally, the company should allow you to exchange the book for another one if you are unhappy with the quality of the book. You should also look for a company that will allow you to exchange the book for a new one if you accidentally request the wrong book.

Sending Back the Book

In order to enjoy the full convenience of textbook rental, you also want to find a company that makes it easy to return the book. Ideally, you will want to choose a textbook rental company that will provide you with a postage paid box with a mailing label. This way, once you are finished with the book, you only need to put it in the box and drop it in the mail.


The rental extension policy is also something to consider when selecting a textbook rental company. Most textbook rental companies will hit you with substantial fees if the box is not postmarked by the due date. Therefore, you will want to be clear on the policy and how much you can expect to be penalized if you do not return the book on time. At the same time, you will want to work with a company that offers flexibility and extensions for those who need them. Although you will need to contact the company before the book's due date, you will ideally want to work with a company that will allow you to extend the deadline of the book or to even purchase the book if necessary.

Book Quality

You will also want to select a textbook rental company that places a priority on book quality. All companies forbid writing in textbooks, but some are more lenient about highlighting than others. If you are concerned about getting a textbook with an excessive amount of highlighting, you will want rent from a company that limits the amount of highlighting that is allowable. Furthermore, you will want to select a company that stands behind the quality of its books. After all, the last thing you will want is a book with missing pages or worn out text. By selecting a company with a solid reputation and a flexible return policy, you can be certain the quality of the books will be everything you are looking for.