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Increasing the Resale Value of Your College Textbooks

Are you planning to sell your college textbooks after you have completed your coursework? If you are like most people, the majority of your college textbooks won't make it into your personal library. So, if you plan to sell your textbooks when you are done with them, you want to make certain to do everything you can to keep their value as high as possible. By keeping these few tips in mind, you will be able to get the highest price possible for your college textbooks when you sell them.

Purchase the Right Edition

Purchasing the right book in the first place will help you receive a higher resale value. For example, you may be tempted to save a little money by purchasing an older edition of the book you need for your class. While this may help reduce the initial cost of your book, it will reduce the resell value of your book. In addition, by purchasing an older edition, you may not have all of the information you need for your class. Therefore, in order to get the most from your class while also getting the most money for your book when you sell it, make certain to purchase the proper edition.

Check on the Condition of the Book

The better the condition of the book, the greater its resale value will be. Of course, it is also best to purchase a book that is in good condition if you want to get good use out of it. After all, a book that is falling apart or that is missing pages will be difficult to read and to use. So, make certain the book you purchase is in good condition and that you keep it in the best condition possible. This doesn’t mean you can't use the book or that you should be afraid to open it up, but you should make an effort top prevent the book from becoming damaged. You can do this by using book covers, carrying your book in a hardshell backpack and using a digital highlighter to highlight important points in the book.

Save the Packaging

Whether the book is used or new when you purchase it, make certain to save all of the packaging and other adds-ons that are included with the book. If it came with a workbook or with a CD-Rom, for example, hang onto these add-ons even if you don't need to use them for your course. This way, if the person who is interested in purchasing the book needs these add-ons, he or she will be more interested in purchasing the textbook from you.

By purchasing the latest edition, by taking care of your book and by saving everything that comes with it, you will be able to get back as much money as possible when you sell your book, which will come in handy when it comes time to purchase your next set of textbooks!