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Student Resources

Here's a list of student resources that will help college and university students save money on many common educational expenses, plus other not so educational, like food and drinks :)



  • Rent Textbooks
  • With the outrageous prices of textbooks, finding cheap textbooks is a must for any college student. By using a price comparison site, you'll save hundreds on your books.



  • Students need to save money anywhere they can. College books are very expensive, college tuition is through the roof, etc. Why no try saving money on a necessity like car insurance - if you compare prices from many insurance companies, you will save a lot.
  • Car Insurance For Teachers



  • We have looked at the most common 11 plus exam papers and made our sample available at
    Each paper has 15 questions with more to be added. We provide an online course to explain anything you need for the exams, providing specific topic questions that are created especially for you, so that you can always have new questions.